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Terms & conditions


Our shopping cart is secure, a similar technology used by banks.  You will see in your browser window https, the s on the end means secure.  A standard webpage will only feature http, a padlock may also show on your browser depending on the type of browser you are using.


All prices are including GST (15%) so you know exactly how much it costs, the order is calculated and then the freight cost is added at the end of the checkout process.  Craft brewing ltd reserves the right to alter prices without notice, you will only be charged what is stated on the webpage at the time of order.


We accept all major credit cards as well as direct depositing into our bank account. We use DPS a secure payment service for payments via credit cards.  Craft brewing ltd will only dispatch goods once payment has cleared. If an order is received with information that can not be verified or authenticated craft brewing ltd reserves the right to cancel or review orders.

Cancellation of Orders

If you would like to request a cancellation of your order it needs to be done within the 24hour period in which Craft brewing ltd processes orders. Cancellation of orders is done on a case by case basis and Craft brewing ltd retains the right to accepting or declining.

Returning of goods

Craft brewing ltd recommends that all products are checked upon receival. Craft brewing ltd attempts to provide you the customer with a quality product, if the product is not to your satisfaction or deemed faulty, damaged or unusable you can request an exchange by contacting us within 10 working days of receiving goods.  

Craft brewing ltd can not receive goods that have been:

•    damaged (unless supplied damaged)
•    used
•    not in original supplied packaging
•    Liquid yeast will be shipped with frozen packs (free of charge) to protect against heat, Craft Brewing Ltd can not be held responsible for any heat damage  whilst in transit.

If the return is not accepted by craft brewing ltd as being faulty freight charges will not be refunded. Returns for exchange will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may or not be accepted by craft brewing ltd. Goods must be returned by post/courier.


Once the refund has been accepted using the request for refund process Craft brewing ltd will process a refund within 20 working days of initial request.  Notification of refund will be made either by phone call or email.

Product spec

Craft brewing ltd is supplied malt colour and hop alpha ratings by the supplier.  These are supplied to the customer in good faith by Craft brewing ltd.  Please note that the colour/alpha rating may vary from manufacturer/suppliers spec.

Product Availability

Craft brewing ltd is supplied with malt extract beer kits and the like, these sometimes become no longer available due to poor interest.


Craft brewing ltd creates the recipes and may from time to time substitute product in the recipe based on availability


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us here at Craft brewing ltd. We will not supply any personal details to any other third party apart from your delivery address on the package for courier drop off.  All the information is stored on secure servers, because of this we can not guarantee 100%

All credit card payments are made using payment express (DPS) which is used by leading retailers such as trade me. The credit card information you supply to us is not stored with Craft brewing ltd.