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Why shop with us?

We are a family business and believe that you should know exactly who you are purchasing from. After using other websites providing similar products we found that we can offer the same products with a more customer friendly experience.  We are home brewers ourselves so we know exactly what you expect when ordering your valuable brewing supplies.

  Our features are;

  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Safe and secure payments, instant ordering so your order can be shipped as soon as possible
  • Instant one click recipe ordering
  • Defined amounts - no more wasted malts or hops
  • Favourites - you can save your favourite products
  • A wide range of local and imported hops
  • A wide range of malts from New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Germany
  • Imported liquid yeasts for recreating those imported beers we love so much
  • 'How to' videos, we know how hard it is when starting out
  • Shopping cart is live on your page so you can edit on the fly making the ordering quick and easy
  • Equipment can be sourced directly through us