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Beer Terms

Ale: A beer brewed from hops, malt, and top-fermenting yeast. Varies from pale to dark amber in colour, texture is smooth, and sweet, flavour is fruity, stronger, and more bitter than beer.

Amber: A beer named for its reddish-brown colour, ranging from pale to dark.

Barley Wine: A dark, rich, bittersweet beer with higher alcohol content.

Bitter: Amber ale with a fragrant bouquet whose dry, sharp flavour is produced from hops.

Bock: A strong, malty lager varying from pale to dark brown in colour with an alcohol content around 6 percent by volume.

Brown Ale: Nutty, malty ale that’s dark brown in colour with flavours ranging from dry to sweet.

Burton: Strong ale that’s dark brown in colour with roasty malt flavours.

Cooper: Woodworker who crafts wooden beer kegs.

Dopplebock: A version of bock, meaning “double bock,” with a stronger alcohol content, varying from 8 to 13 percent by volume.

Draft (Draught): A method of dispensing beer from a keg, cask, or bright tank.

Hefeweizen: A refreshing, frothy wheat beer that is lighter in body, flavour, and alcohol content.

Holiday Beer: A special seasonal brew varying from amber to dark brown in colour with sweet flavour and often special spicy, fruity, or herby notes.

India Pale Ale (IPA): A pale ale that is profusely hoppy.

Kolsch: A mildly malty West German ale that is very pale in colour and a bit tart in flavour.

Lager: A crisp, clean beer made with bottom-fermenting yeasts at near freezing temperatures for longer periods of time than ales.

Malt Liquor: A malty lager that’s pale in colour with an alcohol content above 5 percent by volume, as defined in the United States.

Pale Ale: A highly hopped beer made from high-quality malt that’s dry in flavour.

Pilsner: A beer brewed from bottom-fermenting yeast. Very pale in colour with a dry, hoppy flavour and aroma.

Porter: Ale brewed from well-roasted barley. Dark brown in colour, full-bodied in texture, and bittersweet or chocolaty in flavour.

Pub: An abbreviation for “public house,” a gathering place that serves beer and often other alcoholic beverages on site.

Stout: A rich beer brewed from full-flavoured roasted malts andtop-fermenting yeast, sometimes with caramel sugar and high hop content. Dark brown in colour, full-bodied in texture, and slightly burnt in flavour.

Wheat beer: A beer brewed with wheat malt. Pale in colour, medium-bodied in texture, and slightly tart in flavour.