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About us

Craft brewing is now under new management but the basic philosophy on which the company was founded remains.  That of course being, universal access to good beer is fundamental. 

As was the case with the founders of Craft Brewing, it was drinking heavily hopped beers which led to the idea that these much more interesting, tasty beers could be made at home for a fraction of the price.

My name is Chris Hiron and, although originally from the Waikato, I have been living in Wellington for the past 10 years.  During my time there, the craft-beer movement has exploded, which has been amazing to see.  However it has led to some curious questions, "Can I do this?"  Is it worth it?"  and perhaps, most important of all, "can i grow a beard?" apparently yes to the first two, but alas the good ship "sweet-beard" has definately sailed, im afraid.

It turns out that beer people tend to be good people though, so after finding my self some suitably bearded chaps, we began our journey.  As is the starting point for so many, we started brewing using extract kits with generally not bad results.  However.... it was all-grain brewing where the penny really dropped.

After a move to the Wairarapa, the opportunity presented itself to buy the business, and my aim is to help those of you out there who want to achieve good results at a fraction of the cost.

We aim to assist people to produce their own home-made, great quality hand crafted beers that are 100% natural and taste great, without all the problems so often faced when starting out.  We want to help you make beer that is comparable quality to that of the craft beers found at leading retailers for a fraction of the cost.

Cheers everyone, and happy brewing.